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Express Newspapers (Ceylon) (Pvt) Limited

Express Newspapers (Ceylon) (Pvt) Limited

Express Newspapers (Ceylon) (Pvt) Limited was registered as a private company in 1970 and is the publisher of the popular Tamil language newspaper, Virakesari. The company currently maintains several Tamil language publications and websites. Its two English language publications, Daily Express and Weekly Express, as well as the Tamil language paper Tamil Times, are published overseas. The company also owns 59.99 percent of shares in Asian Media Publications (Pvt) Limited, the publisher of two Tamil newspapers, Thinakkural and Uthayasooriyan.

Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Private Limited Liability Company

Business Sectors

Printing and Publishing

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets

Metro (Daily) (0.42%)

Other Online Outlets


Media Business


Asian Media Publications (59.99%)

General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

P.P.R. Subramanian Chettiar was an entrepreneur and journalist from the village of Avanipatti in Tamil Nadu, India. Upon immigrating from India to the then British Ceylon, he saw the conditions of the Indian workers and decided to establish a newspaper to promote justice and equality for them. Hence, in 1930 Subramanian established Virakesari and concurrently served as its Editor-in-Chief. In addition, Subramanian established Rubber plantations in Malaysia and invested in real estate in Singapore.


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Express Newspapers (Ceylon) (Pvt) Limited

No. 185, Grandpass Road, Colombo 14

Tel: +94117322700, +94117322777


Tax/ ID Number


Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

5.44 Mio. $ / 830 Mio. LKR

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

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Advertising (in % of total funding)

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Executive Board

Sivakumar Nadesan – also referred to as Kumar Nadesan. He is the Managing Director of Express Newspapers (Ceylon) (Pvt) Limited. He is also a direct shareholder at the company. In addition, he owns a lesser percentage of shares at Asian Media Publications (Pvt) Limited (through Express Newspapers (Ceylon) (Pvt) Limited) which publishes the Thinakkural and Uthayasooriyan newspapers. He is the current Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI).

Further Information

Passive Transparency

upon request, ownership data is easily available from the company/channel

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Meta Data

The official websites of Express Newspapers (Ceylon) (Pvt) Limited provides limited information on the founder. However, all the printed publications and online outlets were listed on the official website. Meanwhile, information on the board of directors or the company's organisational structure were unavailable on the official website. As such, secondary sources as well as the response provided by the company were used as references during the research process. Information on the shareholders and the board of directors was gathered through the annual returns available at the Department of Registrar of Companies. While the Media Ownership Monitor research team reached out to Express Newspapers (Ceylon) (Pvt) Limited by formally requesting for the company’s information on 20 July 2018, the company responded to the aforementioned request on 20 August 2018. The Central Bank’s average exchange rate for 2017 (152.45) was used to convert the amounts into USD. Readership data was obtained from the Kantar Lanka Market Research Bureau (LMRB) for the year 2017.

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