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TV 1

TV 1 is a bilingual English and Sinhala language TV channel managed by MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited, which is a subsidiary of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited. Having commenced in 2016, it remains a fairly recent channel aimed at catering content to the youth. According to the Lanka Market Research Bureau national survey in 2017, the channel had an audience reach of 0.7 percent.

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Free to air

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited


Ownership Structure

MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited is a subsidiary of one of Sri Lanka's largest conglomerates, The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited. The Capital Maharaja and its subsidiary companies have complex ownership structures. As per the structure of MTV Channels (Pvt) Limited, 10 companies own shares in the company. These are: MBC Networks (Pvt) Limited (35.34%), Vision Link (Pvt) Limited (20.83%), S-Lon Industrial Plastics (14.48%), Capital Holdings (12.95%), Jones Overseas (Pvt) Limited (5.45%), Stradbroke INV (Pvt) Limited (3.80%), Business Investments (Pvt) Limited (3.40%), The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited (2.27%), Jones Land (Pvt) Limited (1.29%) and Dawson Capital (Pvt) Limited (0.16%). In turn, all of these companies appear as shareholders in their ownership structures, each part- owning the other.

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Affiliated Interests Founder

Rajandram Maharaja and Rajandram Rajamahendran are the founders of Sirasa TV, and the sons of Sinnathamby Rajandram, one of the founders of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited. Rajandram Maharaja was married to Padma Maharaja, an enterprising figure who had her own fashion label called 'Vati' and also served on the board of Hilton Hotel. She passed away in 2016. Rajandram Rajamahendran is married to Cannice Rajamahendran. She is the CEO of Rumours salon, a company under the organisation. While both brothers took over the organisation, Rajandram Maharaja eventually retired. In 2018, Rajandram Rajamahendran's son, Sashidharan Rajamahendran, was appointed as Managing Director of the organisation. Meanwhile, Rajamahendran's daughter, Anjali Rajamahendran, is a Group Director in the organisation. Pradeep Maharaja, the son of Rajandram Maharaja and Padma Maharaja, is also a Group Director in the organisation. In 2015, Pradeep was appointed to the board of directors at the Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka (MBSL).

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Susara Dinal – serves as the CEO of MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited. Previously, he held the post of Channel Head at Sirasa TV. He also contested for the Western Provincial Council Polls from the Gampaha District in 2014.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Rinaz Mohammed – is the Channel Head at TV 1.

Affiliated Interests other important people

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TV 1

MBC/ MTV Channels (Pvt) Limited

45/3, Braybrook Place, Colombo-02


Tel: +94114650750


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Meta Data

The official website of TV 1 does not provide any details about its founder or the company structure. It provides a list of the channel's programmes and contact details. The official website of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, which is the parent company of MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited, does not list TV 1 as a channel. However, upon contacting the company, it was explained that TV 1 is maintained by MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited, akin to its sister channels Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV and MTV. Details about the CEO and Channel Head were also gathered by directly contacting the company. Moreover, it was conveyed that the channel had undergone many name changes from its commencement, some of which include, MTV Sports and Channel One. However, the channel officially rebranded as TV 1 in 2016. Information regarding the company’s shareholders was gathered from the annual returns available at the Department of Registrar of Companies. Viewership data was obtained from the Kantar Lanka Market Research Bureau (LMRB) for the year 2017. While the Media Ownership Monitor research team reached out to The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited by formally requesting for the company’s information on 20 July 2018, the company did not respond to the aforementioned request.

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