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Gossip Lanka News

Gossip Lanka News is a Sinhala and English bilanguage website that was founded in 2008. As per suggested by the name of the website, Gossip Lanka News publishes 'gossip' content related to politics, local pop culture and members of society. There are over 20 Facebook sites that operate under the name Gossip Lanka News or similar names. As per the list of websites registered under the Ministry of Finance and Mass Media, Gossip Lanka News was registered in 2012 by D. Sooriyaarachchi.

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Thilina Dhanushka Abewickrama is listed as the Editor of one of the official fan pages of Gossip Lanka News, titled Gossip-Lanka. This fan page has the highest number of followers.


Tel: 0777363340



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The Gossip Lanka News website does not provide details about its organisational structure or location of operations. The website only lists its founding year as 2008 and provides a general email to its editor. Meanwhile, the link to Gossip Lanka’s Facebook page also does not provide any details regarding ownership or contact persons. As mentioned in the profile note, there are multiple Facebook pages affiliated with the name Gossip Lanka. While the Gossip Lanka News Facebook page had a total number of 3,049 followers on 3 October 2018, one of the official fan pages called Gossip-Lanka had 1,908,756 followers on the same date. This specific fan page lists Thilina Dhanushka Abewickrama as an editor.

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